After talking to thousands of residents in my district, here are the priorities I have heard for our community to maintain and improve our overall quality of life. If you have other ideas on improving Carlsbad, please connect with me here. I am willing to discuss your concerns. We can only get better if we work together. I am your neighbor, representing you, and I promise to work for you.


As Council Member I pledge to:


Protect Carlsbad from overdevelopment, maintaining our city’s character and small town charm, by incorporating smart growth strategies. Our community must plan for 20 to 30 years down the road. I will always keep our community's best interests as my number one priority. I also pledge to:



  • Preserve our city’s character through smart growth strategies

  • Fuel our vibrant economy by supporting our local businesses

  • Ensure public safety through collaboration with fire, police, and emergency response teams

  • Promote Carlsbad’s art, music, history, and culture


  • Revisit our city’s Growth Management Plan

  • Provide more opportunities for outdoor activity by delivering on our Mobility Plan

  • Protect our environment and ecological preserves and strive to achieve 100% renewable energy and zero waste by executing on our Climate Action Plan

  • Collaborate with our neighboring cities to alleviate traffic congestion




  • Schedule regular town hall meetings

  • Host open office hours and keep residents informed of decisions through social media and e-newsletters

  • Ensure city departments work together cohesively to assure fiscal responsibility

  • Follow the California Brown Act to ensure Council Members discuss city matters in public


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